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By contract, we strengthen.


Sun Feb 12, 2017, 5:29 AM by CCFMelody:iconccfmelody:

FEB12 ~ FEB27

Oh boy, it's Valentine's Day. You know what that means! The notes, the diabetes-inducing amounts of chocolate, love in the air…

… publicly humiliating your mates, and wild goose chases from classroom to classroom? Well, yeah. A staple of the holiday.

The day of Saint Valentine is a special day for any school, and Concordia College is no exception. Students are flurry with excitement: decorating every classroom doorway is a garland of hand-cut, heart-shaped paper, courtesy of the Handicrafts Club. Flourishes of ivy and roses have been magicked to grow in the hallways, adorning the campus with blooms otherwise never seen in the cold month of February. Even the town buzzes with the promise of romance. Coffee shops and restaurants have started to offer discounts; fishermen at the pier advertise dinners at sea-- In spite of the rainy weather, spirits are high!

DEC31 ~ JAN10

Event #004 has ended. Please check the { Event Spreadsheet } for event-end statistics! You can use !cracker to open Christmas crackers. Please remember that crackers can only be opened twice a day, in-character during a roleplay! Cracker items are saved automatically. Enjoy!


Storage slot limits, graduate offices, textbook system changes, search system, suggestion responses, patch updates, and upcoming events.


New year's update, admin contact changes, wiki indexing, item investigation, { Concordia College } extended reading, { Concordia Library } extended reading.


Tue Dec 6, 2016, 4:14 PM by CCFMelody:iconccfmelody:


Tue Dec 6, 2016, 2:41 PM by CCFMelody:iconccfmelody:


Tue Dec 6, 2016, 2:39 PM by CCFMelody:iconccfmelody:

#001.1: Appl Banner by DustBunnyThumper


Somehow, as though overnight, a large portion of students have lost all sense of taste. The dining hall food is cited as tasting unpalatable, like sawdust. The one thing all these students seem to have in common? One time or another, they all ate at least one apple from September's dining hall surplus. Sure enough, apples seem to be exempt from this curse in particular: they simply taste like… apples.

Naturally, the school is taking action to reverse-engineer a cure… but with so many people afflicted, Concordia estimates a solution only by the end of the month. It's a strikingly long time to eat without taste. With this in mind, the governors have grudgingly granted permission for people to go into the Labyrinth and search for the cure themselves.
Labyrinth Block #001 will be delivered in two parts - the first of which will be facilitated by kimitama. It will run starting November 28th, and its period will end on December 11th, so please make sure to begin your run before this date! If you have any last-minute inventory or stat changes to make, please place them on the { Update Requests } spreadsheet.

You can view the block guide { here }!

 November Group Updates: we've got a long list of major group updates following the end of Dungeon #000 - Please take a look { here }!

There are quite a few, so we've made an external document! The major group update covers loads of things, including:
  • Block #000 ending notes
  • Stat sheet resets and stat sheet updates
  • General feature additions, like:
    • Update requests, roleplay log rewards, floorplan, shop, non-player character, ranking up, item databases.... boy
  • Dungeon feature additions, like:
    • Scheduling system, turn order, roll checks, equipment, dice rolls, monster commands, collecting items, party bonus, combination skills... hoo
  • A feedback discussion responding to suggestions received after Block #000 
  • Bug fixes, additional features, small changes to the handbook
  • Things to expect in the future, upcoming updates
  • A bit on Block #001 
Please review them if you can - there are a lot of exciting feature additions that we hope you'll enjoy!

Receiving Announcements

We'd like to let everyone know that because our updates are so frequent,
we'll be opting to reserve minor ones for the { Twitter } and { Skype chat }. 

Please consider joining at least one of these - or letting us know a better contact method by which to reach you! The Skype chat is announcements-only, and usually quiet, if that's one of your concerns! Major group updates will still be posted to the journal (Dungeon Blocks, monthly feature additions, large group events), but mini-events will be, for the most part, reserved to the above two methods.

Yuletide Gift Exchange: Assignments Sent!

Assignments for the Yuletide Gift Exchange have been sent out: please check your DeviantArt Notes inbox! If you don't see anything, contact us as soon as possible!

Check the { Event Information } for more details!

Group members can start looking forward to....

  • Labyrinth Block #001 will be released sometime around November 19th. Please check the November Updates linked above for more things to look out for!

You can view past news updates in the { News Archive }.

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