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Tue Dec 6, 2016, 2:39 PM by CCFMelody:iconccfmelody:

FEB12 ~ FEB27

Oh boy, it's Valentine's Day. You know what that means! The notes, the diabetes-inducing amounts of chocolate, love in the air…

… publicly humiliating your mates, and wild goose chases from classroom to classroom? Well, yeah. A staple of the holiday.

The day of Saint Valentine is a special day for any school, and Concordia College is no exception. Students are flurry with excitement: decorating every classroom doorway is a garland of hand-cut, heart-shaped paper, courtesy of the Handicrafts Club. Flourishes of ivy and roses have been magicked to grow in the hallways, adorning the campus with blooms otherwise never seen in the cold month of February. Even the town buzzes with the promise of romance. Coffee shops and restaurants have started to offer discounts; fishermen at the pier advertise dinners at sea-- In spite of the rainy weather, spirits are high!

DEC31 ~ JAN10

Event #004 has ended. Please check the { Event Spreadsheet } for event-end statistics! You can use !cracker to open Christmas crackers. Please remember that crackers can only be opened twice a day, in-character during a roleplay! Cracker items are saved automatically. Enjoy!


Storage slot limits, graduate offices, textbook system changes, search system, suggestion responses, patch updates, and upcoming events.


New year's update, admin contact changes, wiki indexing, item investigation, { Concordia College } extended reading, { Concordia Library } extended reading.

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