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Tue Dec 6, 2016, 2:39 PM by CCFMelody:iconccfmelody:


When you awaken, it is too dark to see.

But you can hear the sound of of water, trickling from

the cave ceiling above, a drip-drip on the labyrinth ground.

And you can feel fear - possibly unfounded,
but fully familiar - gripping your chest.

Autumn returns to Concordia in full force, with a marvelous selection of leaves decorating the campus courtyard with every fall color. For the most part, students have settled into the new academic year, it being likely even busier than the last. The news of last year’s hamadryad, the Christmas party, and even Valentine’s Day seem trifling to some, and troublesome to others. But students can agree on one thing: Nobody seems to remember what transpired in the labyrinth last November, despite the hefty number of students exiting it.

Then again, strange happenings and spotty memories in the campus labyrinth are not an infrequent occurrence. For the most part, the strange incidents have been chiefly forgotten. Or at least, until now: some students have been seeing strange shadows in the corners of their eyes at night; hearing whispers in the corridors from voices indiscernible, sensing something in the darkness of their rooms where nothing should be. The most disturbing thing of all however, is that the afflicted students seem to all be sharing a single nightmare: waking up in a dark room, damp, cold and alone.


dAmn network changes, new characters, quest compensation, labyrinth intermission, new character skills, ranking up and second skills, item rarity, Block #001.2, narrative battle system, escaping encounters. armor and defense, inventory check, Event #004, Event #005, patch updates...... whew

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December 6, 2016


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